TISCO Tractor Repair Spotlight: Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply

This month’s featured dealer is one we’ve been doing business with for more than 10 years! Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply opened for business in 1974 and now serves its customers in two Missouri locations – Thayer and West Plains. Our relationship began in 2001 when its first store began selling TISCO parts. After growing and opening its second store in 2005, Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply continued working with TISCO to help serve its customers – a decision that was based on the quality and availability of our parts as well as our support team.

“We Are More than Just a Farm Store”

Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply’s radio jingle says a lot about its wide range of farming, industrial and residential products. In addition to tractor parts, Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply offers apparel, hunting supplies and feed for pets, wildlife or livestock as well as small engine parts, construction equipment and residential mowers.

But Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply doesn’t just offer feed, supplies, equipment and apparel. The company provides tractor repair and restoration services as well. In fact, Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply has restored and resold many tractors with the help of TISCO’s wide range of product offerings. And a number of these tractors date back as far as 1939, including Ford 2n, 8n and 9n models – some are even as old as TISCO (celebrating 75 years)!

Three Tips for Fixing or Buying an Old Tractor

Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply offers three tips for fixing or buying an old tractor:

1. Consult an expert. Tractors made between 1930 and 1960 are fairly easy to work on. But if you need help, call your local repair shop or check out one of TISCO’s practical repair manuals to get through most problems.

2. Look past the paint. When looking to buy an old tractor, don’t be sold on a beautiful paint job. Paint can cover up a lot of problems like a cracked block or rusty fuel tank. Always make sure the tractor starts and runs properly, and don’t be afraid to offer a lower price if there’s something that needs to be fixed – then visit our online tractor parts store for quality TISCO replacement parts.

3. Think practically. Keep in mind how you plan on using your tractor, including the jobs you need it to accomplish. It’s always better to play it safe and buy more horsepower. You could never use a Ford 8n to pull a new 4×5 round baler – there just isn’t enough power.

Thanks to Hirsch Feed & Farm Supply for your great business!

-Jared Johnson


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