Hobby Farm Equipment

The Farm Equipment You’ll Need for Hobby Farming

As the USDA prepares for its 2012 Census of Agriculture, new information will become available regarding the emerging trend from its last full report conducted in 2007 – the nationwide increase in hobby farms. According to the study, 60% of U.S. farms are considered hobby farms – a movement that has received additional support in recent years.

Hobby farms cover a wide range of operations. Whether it’s raising livestock, growing crops or both, hobby farming has become a big part of American agriculture. If you’re thinking about starting a hobby farm there are many things to consider, including the farm equipment you’ll need.

The size, scale and type of farm will determine your need for tractors or other large machinery. Unless you’re just maintaining a garden or growing a few fruits and vegetables, finding the right tractor and attachments will likely be a high priority. Visit local dealers for expert advice. Decide which attachments are “must haves” and which ones you can live without. And don’t be afraid to buy used equipment, but make sure you seek a second opinion on the reputation of the seller and condition of the equipment. If you purchase your equipment from a dealer, there most likely are locations nearby in case something needs to be fixed or replaced.

Don’t forget to set goals for your hobby farm. Your equipment needs will depend on what you’re looking to accomplish. As you assess your farm equipment needs, Tractor Part Mart is an excellent resource to order parts and other supplies you’ll need to keep your hobby farm running smoothly. Or find a dealer close to you with our dealer locater.

-Jared Johnson

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